Gen7 Two-Story

Our two-story model allows a more efficient use of land, making it ideal for higher density areas or compact site plans. By building up instead of out, we reduce our footprint, serving an equal number of students on a smaller plot of land, while creating less environmental disturbance and more room for outdoor spaces.

A two-story model allows a distinct separation of space, conducive to a multi-use facility, where upstairs and downstairs may serve different purposes or age groups.

Our two-story models offer the same sleek, modern design and the same high performance features and high-quality building materials as the more traditional one-story structures. Large, low-E view windows bring natural light and ventilation to both levels, and our superior acoustics use an extra thick, reinforced concrete floor to reduce sound transmission between the first and second stories. The two-story Gen7 accommodates more occupants in less surface area—a real benefit when space is at a premium.