• Smart Technology, Smart Students

    Brentwood School’s large low-E view windows, skylights, interactive Smartboard and Energy Education Dashboard encourage productivity, while teaching students to conserve energy.

  • The Gold Standard

    Designed to pursue LEED Gold certification, Brentwood School’s Gen7 classrooms provide a new wing of high-performance learning space that harmoniously unites indoors and out.

  • Renewable Energy Becomes a Reality

    Roof-mounted solar panels will produce enough electricity every year to cover 100% of Gen7’s estimated needs, making Brentwood School L.A.’s first Net Zero Energy classrooms.

  • Gen7 Wins the GEELA

    AMS’ Maggie Hartley, Ericka Moreno Shoemaker and Rick Torres accept the 2011 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor.

  • A Difference You Can See

    The ability to touch, feel and experience the impact of Gen7’s energy-saving features empowers students to see the difference they can make, in their classroom and in their community.

  • A Teaching Moment

    Students at Los Angeles’ Brentwood School were excited to watch and learn as their new Gen7 classrooms were installed on the school’s East campus on December 2, 2011.

  • Red, White and Green

    Lodi’s River Vine Winery is the first prefab winery built offsite to LEED Gold standards, using sustainable materials and the advanced green technology perfected in Gen7 schools.

  • Greening California

    Gen7’s Maggie Hartley and Rick Torres chat with Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, at the Green California Summit.

  • Turnkey Sustainability

    Gen7 allowed the Atwater campus to offer a range of programs and resources in an inviting, energy-efficient environment in an unprecedented turnaround of just six months.

  • Modern and Multifunctional

    Gen7’s versatile design adapts to a diversity of needs, giving Atwater a four-wing classroom complex, library, science wing, administration building and restroom facilities.

  • Next Generation Green

    The Albany Gen7 classrooms take green to the next level, reducing electricity costs from daylighting and high-efficiency systems that cut energy consumption in half.

  • The Pride of the Community

    Gen7’s sleek design integrates seamlessly with Albany High School’s existing buildings, as well as the adjacent aquatic complex, designed to be a centerpiece in the community.

  • A Complete Green Campus

    The first Gen7 campus, complete with library and admin building, is installed at the Merced County Office of Education’s Atwater Valley Community School.

  • Not Just Classrooms

    Gen7 delivers an ultra-green 4,320-square-foot admin building to Atwater Valley Community School, which opened to students in fall 2011.

  • Albany High School Goes Green

    The Bay Area’s newest green classrooms will last for decades, but went up in a day.

  • Proud Superintendent

    Albany Superintendent Marla Stevenson oversees the installation of the new Gen7 classrooms at Albany High School on June 3, 2011.

  • Leading the Way to a Greener Future

    Rick Torres, VP of Sales for American Modular Systems, presents at the 2011 Green California Summit.

  • Green California Summit and Exposition 2011

    Linda Adams, California EPA Secretary stops by the Gen7 booth.

  • Planet Party Day 2011

    More than 2,000 sixth-graders attended the second annual event, hosted by Manteca Unified School District to create environmental awareness and stewardship among local students.

  • Building the Future, One Student at a Time

    More than 300 students attended the Gen7 presentation on green schools.

  • It's Cool to Recycle

    Students watched as Dirty Dan and Landfill Lana got dunked in the Toxic Tank—a fun way to promote recycling and beat the heat!

  • All Smiles at Grand Opening Celebration

    Bolsa Knolls Middle School Principal, John Gutierrez. and his students enjoy the day’s festivities, co-hosted by American Modular Systems.

  • Nation's First Modular School Earns CHPS Verification

    Trevor Miller, Construction Facilities Consultant; Maggie Hartley, AMS; Tom Spencer, Board President; Richard Flood, CHPS; John Gutierrez, Principal; Mike Brusa, Superintendent; and Rick Torres, AMS, gather at Bolsa Knolls Middle School for the CHPS plaque presentation.

  • Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum Launch

    Ed Begley, Jr., actor and environmentalist, and Jason Messer, Manteca Unified Superintendent, discuss the importance of environmental education at the Gen7 Green Learning Center.

  • A Day for Environmental Stewardship

    Forty sixth-grade students from Manteca Unified School District spent the day at Gen7, learning about recycling; together, they will change the way their schools recycle.

  • Gen7 Provides Valuable Lessons for Local Students

    A Gen7 employee teaches students how familiar items, such as discarded aluminum cans and blue jeans, can be reused to construct sustainable classrooms.

  • Familiar Items Take on a New Meaning

    A student learns how recycled denim is used to insulate the walls in Gen7 classrooms.

  • Ready, Set, Recycle

    Students worked in teams to recycle discarded items as part of the recycling relay challenge at Gen7.

  • Recycling 101

    A Gen7 employee teaches students the basics of recycling as part of their tour of the Gen7 factory.

  • Classroom for a Day

    The Gen7 factory was transformed into a classroom to host the local environmental stewards.

  • Hard at Work

    A student applies what he learned at Gen7 to create a recycling board.

  • Recycling Bulletin Boards

    Students proudly display their recycling boards made to hang at each of their school sites.

  • Gen7’s First Installation

    The first Gen7 classrooms arrive at Bolsa Knolls Middle School in Salinas, CA, on July 15, 2010.

  • First Gen7 Classrooms Ready for Students in Just Two Months

    Construction began June 1, 2010, and classrooms were fully operational when school opened on August 11, 2010.

  • High Performance Classrooms Delivered to Salinas

    Gen7 classroom are designed to meet and exceed the criteria for the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS).

  • Gen7 Delivers Flexibility

    The classrooms at Bolsa Knolls Middle School were designed to complement the existing campus design.

  • Name It and Sustain It

    Gen7 employees played a word game with the kids to teach them about the importance of being green.

  • Gen7 at Manteca's Planet Party Day Event

    Sixth-graders from Manteca schools visited the Gen7 display, where they could experience the green classroom.

  • Ready, Aim, Fire!

    Teachers and principals had the chance to dunk Dirty Dan and Landfill Lana into the Gen7 toxic tank.

  • Speaking at Whole Children Whole Planet

    Tony Sarich, VP of Operations for Gen7 and American Modular Systems, discussed eco-friendly design with the crowd at the Whole Children Whole Planet Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Gen7 Wish Tree Pays Off Big for Northridge School

    Gen7 made a monetary donation to the Waldorf Highland Hall School for every wish hung on the tree.

  • Making a Wish for Future Generations

    Mom and baby contribute to the Gen7 Wish Tree.

  • Swimming in Wishes

    All ages participated and hung their wishes on the Gen7 Wish Tree.

  • The Littlest Wish

    This youngster’s wish makes the goal of a new performing arts center one step closer.

  • I Wish...

    “…that each child gets the individual time and attention they need to flourish in the school system.”

  • So Many Wishes

    Hundreds of wishes were hung on the Gen7 Wish Tree.

  • Gen7 at the Green California Summit

    Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs Global Warming; and Linda Adams, California EPA Secretary, discuss green schools at the Gen7 exhibit.

  • AMS Clean Truck Fleet

    All AMS service trucks are 2008 or newer models and meet today’s higher California emissions standards.

  • Gen7 Building Envelope

    Gen7’s state-of-the-art building envelope exceeds the Title 24 Energy Code in all 16 California climate zones.

  • Gen7 Lighting System

    Gen7’s automatic fluorescent lighting system features variable dimming ballasts.

  • Gen7 Computer Center

    An integrated computer workstation helps make Gen7 an ideal learning environment.

  • Gen7 Floor System

    Gen7 has a five-inch-thick, non-combustible concrete floor system with high fly ash content, high recycled content and zero VOCs.

  • Gen7 Front Exterior

    Gen7’s design follows the CHPS and LEED matrix to meet the requirements of the 21st century classroom.

  • Gen7 Solar Rooftop

    Roof-mounted skylights take maximum advantage of natural daylight harvesting.

  • Gen7 Side Exterior

    AMS incorporates design-coordinating systems and materials into an affordable, off-site built structure.

  • Gen7 Interior

    Gen7 is a grid-neutral learning environment that helps communities create healthy, sustainable schools.

  • Gen7 Classroom Lighting System

  • Gen7 Sound-Absorbing Ceiling

    Gen7’s unique ceiling is designed to absorb more sound, facilitating clear communication and better learning.

  • Gen7 Classroom Transportation

    Our unique, proprietary transportation process ensures fast, on-time delivery.

  • Gen7 Classroom Solar Panels

    Gen7’s roof structure is engineered to incorporate the extra weight and wind loads of photovoltaic power panels.