Bolsa Knolls Middle School

Bolsa Knolls Gen7 Demonstrates a Cost-Effective Approach to Green

  • Project: First CHPS® Verified Modular Classrooms
  • Type: Middle School 6-8
  • Scope: 14 classrooms, restrooms and teachers' lounge
  • Phase One Completion Date: August 2010
  • Phase Two Completion Date: January 2012
  • Phase Three Completion Date: Under Construction
  • Green Rating: CHPS® Verified

Project Highlights

The Bolsa Knolls Gen7 classrooms are a model of energy efficiency, costing less to build and less to operate, while delivering more direct savings and occupant satisfaction than traditional schools. Designed to exceed standard building codes in energy use and indoor air quality, the Bolsa Knolls Gen7s were built and installed in just 70 days and immediately produced significant energy savings.

  • 60% reduction in energy use
  • 1st CHPS® Verified modular school
  • 0 additional cost to district for CHPS

Project Background

California schools are facing unprecedented challenges. Meeting the demands of rapidly expanding student populations and heightened performance expectations is made even more difficult by shrinking budgets and aging, overcrowded school buildings. When Bolsa Knolls Middle School found itself in this predicament, the Santa Rita Union School District turned to American Modular Systems (AMS) for a solution that was both budget- and environmentally-friendly.


With enrollment on the rise, the Bolsa Knolls Middle School needed more space for its sixth- and seventh-graders before the start of the next school year.


The Santa Rita Union School District wanted to provide students with a healthy, comfortable learning environment that would enhance performance and make education a more enjoyable experience, while maximizing their limited funds and minimizing on-campus disruption.


Over summer break, AMS custom-built and installed six Gen7 modular classrooms that make learning more rewarding for students, while meeting the district’s tight budget and time constraints. The following year, SRUSD executed Phase 2 of the Bolsa Knolls expansion plan, installing an additional eight state-of-the-art green classrooms plus eco-friendly restroom facilities. This project was completed for less than 30% of the cost of conventional construction.