Gen7 Schools- Our Story

Our story is, in many ways, California’s story. As our population skyrockets, costs continue to spiral ever-higher while school budgets shrink, putting California’s school districts under increasing pressure. Our schools are overcrowded and our buildings are aging, making it difficult for our children to learn in a healthy, productive environment. Nearly 75% of California’s public schools are more than 25 years old, built to minimum code and nothing more. Lighting, acoustics and ventilation are poor, and all too often, maintenance has been deferred. That’s one reason California students miss nearly 2 million school days each year due to asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses—illnesses aggravated by old, neglected schools that put them at risk.

American Modular Systems (AMS) wants to change all that. We’re California’s leading modular manufacturer, known statewide for designing and building quality educational facilities. Since 1983, we’ve partnered with schools all over California to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of early education, public and private K-12, charter schools and higher education.

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why AMS created the Gen7 line of classrooms—healthy, high-quality, energy-efficient learning spaces that can be delivered quickly and affordably to schools in need. Gen7 is not only transforming how classrooms are built, but what they can do. Gen7 classrooms teach students to monitor their energy usage, show them how to conserve natural resources and help them to make a difference. Children are our future, and all of us at AMS make it our mission to make that future as bright as possible.

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