Modular Classroom Manufacturers- Our Team

  • Dan Sarich

    President / CEO

    Dan has more than 30 years experience in the modular construction business—years that have seen American Modular Systems grow from a small startup company to California’s leading provider of modern educational facilities. As President and CEO, Dan has established AMS as a client-focused, relationship-based business, creating a company culture that combines the old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and hard work with a commitment to innovation that has made AMS the industry trailblazer. Day-to-day, Dan oversees all aspects of financial management, bidding, estimating, procurement and logistics, building strong, responsive relationships throughout the supply chain, industry and community. Under Dan’s guidance, AMS and Gen7 have partnered with school districts statewide to improve the educational experience for California’s students. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Dan is active in industry associations and has served as president of the School Facilities Manufacturer’s Association.

    “We pride ourselves on making and maintaining relationships. We’re here for the long run. Schools and districts call us back again and again because we make it our business to treat them right.”
  • Tony Sarich

    VP of Operations

    Tony has made it his mission to redefine standards for schools across California, reshaping technology, harnessing potential and cultivating change to reconceive what a learning environment should be—and do. The idea gelled after hearing USGBC’s Rachel Gutter speak, inspiring Tony to bring sustainability to school construction in new and meaningful ways. Tony spent the next two years developing the right technology and integrating it into a workable design that was practical, functional and affordable, as well as aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. As VP of Operations, Tony brings more than 25 years of modular construction experience to his role. Part general contractor, part marketing pioneer and part brand ambassador, he is instrumental in growing markets, leveraging technology and building awareness for the Gen7 line. His new winery, River Vine, is built to LEED® Gold standards and his personal residence will pursue LEED Gold certification, adapting the Gen7 platform to specialty and residential applications.

    “We’re inspiring change, making a difference, making students feel good. It’s about learning what works, putting the pieces together and finding a balance between wants, needs and possibilities.”