Modular Schools- A Gen7 For Every Need

Gen7 is a cost-effective sustainable solution for the new construction, expansion and renovation of schools across California. Without the wait and disruption of traditional construction, school districts can quickly and conveniently add as many new Gen7 classrooms as they need, as well as replace old, inefficient buildings with safe, healthy structures. Our flexible floor plans and customizable façades fit a diversity of needs and architectural schemes, balancing design aesthetics, social responsibility and sustainable technology to provide an optimal environment for all occupants.

Gen7 Classrooms Pass the Toughest Test. Yours.

With construction and energy costs rising, budgets shrinking and resources dwindling, Gen7 makes good sense for everyone—those who fund it, those who build it and those who use it.

  • Economical for administrators

    • Direct costs are reduced by more than 30%
    • Energy savings can exceed 70%
    • Construction time is cut by 60%, taking days onsite, not months
    • Sound ROI has cost payback over a 50-year lifecycle
  • Inspirational for teachers

    • A more productive learning environment yields a 20% improvement on test scores
    • A quiet 35 dB(A) is 50% quieter than the average classroom, reducing voice strain
    • No-VOC materials mean a healthier environment and fewer missed school days
    • Hands-on training and controllable systems optimize performance
  • Versatile for architects

    • Countless designs and floor plan possibilities
    • Interiors and exteriors are fully customizable to meet unique needs and styles
    • Widest choice of sustainable materials offers more eco-friendly options
    • Structurally engineered to California’s Seismic Zone 4 ensures safety and integrity