Gen7 LEED® & CHPS® - Prefab Classrooms

Sustainable by Design

All Gen7s are designed to meet the most stringent green building standards, including the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systems. AMS has completed both CHPS and LEED projects throughout California and has the knowledge and experience to design a high performance classroom to meet any school’s sustainability goals.

“The Gen7 classroom proves that a prefab structure can achieve the same desired high performance results as a conventional building. The green design is exemplary, offering flexibility and resource efficiency, while providing valuable long-term benefits for students, teachers, school districts and local communities.”

Bill Orr, CHPS Executive Director

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Gen7 is the first prefabricated classroom to qualify for the CHPS PreFAB label. An extension of the CHPS Verified program, the CHPS PreFAB designation pre-certifies an eligible model as a healthy, high performance green classroom that fulfills all relevant US-CHPS prerequisites. Qualifying classrooms meet rigorous standards for indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, materials and waste management, resource conservation and other sustainable criteria that help students learn and thrive in a healthier, more ecologically responsible environment, while significantly lowering a school’s operating costs.

Why Purchase a CHPS PreFAB classrooms?

The Gen7 CHPS PreFAB is a permanent modular classroom that includes the same advanced features and systems as all Gen7 models, with high efficiency upgrades built-in to deliver a higher performance rating. There are many benefits to purchasing a Gen7 CHPS PreFAB classroom.

  • The Gen7 CHPS PreFAB is a turnkey sustainable solution that is CHPS and DSA pre-approved.
  • Independent third-party verification ensures every classroom performs to spec.
  • Pre-approved design options streamline production, assuring expedited delivery in 90 days*.
  • Performance exceeds the Title 24 California Energy Code by up to 70%.
  • The solar-ready design can achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE) with optional photovoltaic panels.
  • Performance packages offer flexibility to meet program requirements and sustainability goals.
  • Cutting-edge technology helps recoup initial investment through ongoing energy cost savings.
  • Commissioning, onsite training and ongoing support are included with every PreFAB classroom.
    *some restrictions apply
    Learn more about the CHPS PreFAB program.


Save Time and Money with Gen7 CHPS PreFAB

Upgrading facilities requires a substantial investment of limited resources. Choosing Gen7 CHPS PreFAB simplifies the process, making it easier for schools and school districts to implement their sustainability goals. Gen7 handles the planning and paperwork—so schools don’t have to.

  • Gen7 CHPS PreFAB classrooms can be installed to stand alone or as part of a CHPS project to help attain CHPS Designed, CHPS Verified or CHPS Verified Leader recognition.
  • Integrating a Gen7 CHPS PreFAB classroom into a CHPS project reduces the school-required input to a minimal number of site-related prerequisites and credits. Gen7 provides everything else—a shortcut that significantly reduces both verification time and cost.