Modular Buildings for Schools- Gen7 Specialty

Gen7s are more than just classrooms; they’re warm, comfortable spaces for learning, working and playing. A basic K-12 classroom can be adapted to meet the unique needs of preschoolers or college students, simply by changing the floor plan and features. Gen7’s built-in versatility even allows the classroom design to be reconfigured for multiple uses, like eco-friendly restroom facilities or office space. Each structure can stand alone or be integrated into a Gen7 campus, with multiple structures performing a multitude of functions. It’s all about creating the right environment for occupants. While Gen7 encourages achievement, we inspire creativity, too. Gen7 art labs promote self-expression, while science labs teach students to shape the ecosystem around them. Gen7s open spaces allow children to play and interact, while Gen7 libraries give them a quiet place to study and learn. It’s a safe, supportive environment that nurtures success—success that’s reflected in higher test scores, lower teacher turnover and healthier, happier students.

A Space for Everything

Gen7 can be adapted to serve multiple purposes and programs without sacrificing usability, quality or performance. Here are a few of the specialty needs that Gen7 serves:

  • Daycare
  • Administration
  • Library
  • Science labs
  • Art labs
  • Multi-media or computer labs
  • Restrooms
  • Food service