Gen 7 Two Story Modular Classrooms

Twice the Space for Less

Gen7 Two Story modular classrooms provide unlimited options to support 21st Century Learning, combining a modern design, high performance features and top quality building materials in a compact footprint. By building up instead of out, schools can maximize their site plan, serving more students on a smaller plot of land—a real benefit on urban campuses or in densely-populated areas where space is at a premium.

Gen7 modular two story modular classrooms offer the same state-of-the-art sustainability as our one-story buildings, making them a smart solution for schools wanting to add more square footage quickly and cost-efficiently. Conscientiously constructed with non-toxic materials, our two-story buildings are designed to filter out allergens and impurities while continuously circulating fresh, healthy air. Soaring 10’-20’ ceilings visually expand the interior, making classrooms feel airy and spacious with increased surface area for larger low-E windows that bring in abundant natural light. Unlike many multi-floor buildings, Gen7 Two-Story is library-quiet, engineered with a concrete-and-steel deck floor system that provides greater acoustic isolation than a wood-framed building. And it’s one of the most energy-efficient buildings available, exceeding California Title 24 energy code a minimum of 40% in all climate zones—a performance that can achieve Zero Net Energy with the addition of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Flexible, adaptable and highly sustainable, Gen7 Two-Story is easily customized to a project’s exact specifications, allowing schools to deliver a permanent prefab building that looks and feels like conventional construction in half the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Two Stories. Two Models. Infinite Options.

Gen7 offers a choice of two-story prefabricated models, with multiple floorplans and features to fulfill a school’s unique architectural vision and program requirements. Gen7’s solar-ready design, all-steel structure and non-load bearing walls are future-proof, allowing schools to configure space to meet current needs, then reconfigure it as needs evolve.

Two-Story: Interior Corridor

Gen7’s newest two-story design is more contemporary, with circulation contained inside the building, controlling access for heightened security. A two-story lobby opens to a staircase leading to second floor classrooms divided by a central corridor. The IC model features vaulted ceilings upstairs and a two-story, double-door multipurpose room or cafeteria downstairs.

Two-Story: Exterior Corridor

The more traditional Gen7 design positions all circulation on the building’s exterior for convenient access. Non-slip pedestrian pathways are wide enough for easy circulation and are covered for all-weather protection. Our DSA-approved PC expedites prefabrication, making the EC model the quickest-to-market two-story option for schools with immediate needs.