Gen7 Zero Net Energy- Solar Classrooms

Our Zero Net Energy Gen7 is our most energy-efficient model, providing the ideal learning environment while combining the latest technology with renewable energy to reduce energy consumption by 70%. Roof-mounted solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, generating more energy over the course of a year than is required to operate the building. Gen7’s Zero Net Energy strategy is rooted in the basics of sustainable design. Focusing on site orientation, building envelope, daylighting, high-efficiency HVAC, lighting systems and controls significantly reduces the building’s energy needs, preventing an overreliance on renewable energy. Occupant-driven programs and training lower the building’s energy demand, helping schools save money.

Solar Classrooms - Flexibility for the Future

Gen7 is designed to carry the additional load of a photovoltaic (PV) system and has Pre-Check (PC) approval from the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for PV panels. Schools can make renewable energy part of their long-term energy goals now or add solar panels later, when the budget permits.

“The efficiency of Gen7 classrooms is designed to be 33% better than required by code. The PV system is designed to produce 15% more electricity than the classrooms consume, far exceeding the requirements needed to achieve all of the LEEDv3 Optimize Energy Performance, On-site Renewable Energy and the related Innovation in Design points.”

Beth Brummitt, CEM, CEA, LEED AP
Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc.