Modular School Construction Performance

Modular School Construction- Proven Performance, Outstanding Results

Gen7 is a cost-effective approach to green, matching superior quality with measurable performance. Healthier, higher performing schools enhance learning, empowering today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. It’s good for students… good for the environment… and good for your bottom line.

Financial Performance

Gen7 reduces costs every step of the way, costing less to build, less to operate and less to maintain than a conventional building. Manufacturing efficiencies, economies of scale and a DSA approved pre-check combine with fast delivery and installation to reduce construction costs by 30% and construction time by 60%. The innovative high-performance, low-maintenance design utilizes cutting-edge technology to control operating costs, saving up to 60% in energy consumption—savings that can be diverted into teacher’s salaries and enhanced school programming. Gen7’s direct cost savings add up quickly, stretching a school’s limited budget and helping pay back its costs over the building’s lifecycle.

Occupant Performance

Gen7 is more than a building; it’s a place where children learn and teachers prepare the next generation. Students and teachers spend about 1400 hours per year in a school building, yet many of these buildings are old and poorly maintained. Asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses cause California students to miss nearly two million school days each year. That’s why Gen7 designed a better place to learn, a classroom that puts health and safety first. Filled with bright natural light and clean, eco-friendly materials, Gen7 lowers exposure to mold, mildew and other toxins that put occupants at risk. Air quality is better resulting in fewer student and teacher absences and post occupancy surveys show a 100% satisfaction rate.

“After six months in the Gen7 classrooms, we reported the district’s second-highest daily attendance rate. Now, a year later, we’re reporting the highest rate of attendance, an accomplishment I attribute to the learning environments Gen7 provides.”

John Gutierrez, Principal
Bolsa Knolls Middle School

Environmental Performance

Gen7 is designed to meet CHPS® and LEED® building standards for high performance schools. Gen7 is the nation’s first modular school to earn CHPS Verification for New School Construction and significantly exceeds CALGreen building codes, ensuring the greatest energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to building impacts. Our best practices approach starts at the AMS factory, where we strive to eliminate material waste and use daylighting to reduce our carbon footprint. Our off-site construction method translates to lower energy demands at the jobsite as well, significantly lessening the impact on the local infrastructure.