With every new technology, there are questions. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What makes Gen7 green?

Gen7 is environmentally responsible, combining the cleanest materials with the latest technology to provide a complete green solution. Low- and zero-VOC paints and finishes, 100% recycled insulation, high-recycled content steel, natural daylight harvesting and energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems conserve resources while reducing energy usage. All Gen7 classrooms are designed to meet LEED® and CHPS® standards and are 100% recyclable.

What are Gen7’s advantages over conventional construction?

Time is money in construction. Our off-site manufacturing process allows us to quickly execute and install buildings during the summer months, reducing disruption at the school site while significantly shortening construction time. We purchase in bulk, reducing material costs, and deliver our classrooms 90% complete, lowering labor costs. Overall, Gen7 saves up to 60% on construction time and 30% on construction costs—costs that can be diverted to enhanced school programming, supplies and salaries.

How long does it take from order to installation?

Gen7 can be factory-built and installed onsite in 90 days— the fastest-to-delivery green classroom solution in the industry. Depending on project size and scope, complete installations can range from two to four months.

Does Gen7 have a DSA pre-approved PC?

Yes. Gen7 has the first pre-approved PC for a green building for California schools. Gen7 is the first modular manufacturer to meet and exceed the new Title 24 compliancy code—by an average of 33% in all 16 California climate zones. Gen7 is also DSA pre-approved to accommodate solar PV panels.

How much money can I save by installing Gen7 modular classrooms?

Gen7 saves schools 30% or more in construction costs and up to 70% in annual energy costs. Low-maintenance materials also reduce operating expenses. Over its lifecycle, Gen7 pays back more than it costs, making it a smart investment, now and for the future.

Is Gen7 customizable?

Gen7’s flexible, scalable design integrates seamlessly with a diversity of architectural styles. Our experienced staff will work with you to customize a compatible, complementary design that works with your site plan and sustainability goals, or you can select a CHPS® Pre-Verified plan that can be installed quickly and affordably to meet your unique needs.

How are Gen7 classrooms delivered?

AMS designed and built a proprietary transportation system to deliver our custom-sized Gen7 classrooms to the job site.

Once a Gen7 classroom is delivered, how long does installation take?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, installation can take as little as a day. Larger installations require a few days to several weeks onsite.

Can a Gen7 structure incorporate restrooms and other plumbing needs?

Yes. The options are virtually unlimited. Our experienced support staff can work with your project team to design a Gen7 that meets your specific needs.

Does Gen7 meet ADA and other requirements?

Yes. Fire and life safety requirements, as well as the ADA, are of paramount importance to AMS. Every Gen7 is designed to ensure the safety, health and comfort of all occupants, including full code-compliance.

What is the building lifecycle of Gen7?

Installed on a 5” concrete slab foundation with an all-steel “moment” frame construction, Gen7 is a permanent, structurally-sound modular building with the same 50-year lifecycle as conventional construction.

How much does a Gen7 classroom cost?

Gen7 starts at about 30% less than design-built. Because Gen7 comes in many designs—all fully customizable—the options selected will affect final costs. Please contact our support team for individual pricing.


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