How We Build Modular Buildings California

Modular Buildings California – Built Fast. Designed to Last.

Every step of our production process is geared for maximum efficiency, allowing schools to expand quickly and economically, fulfilling immediate needs while building long-term value. We’ve invested years developing the right technology and integrating it into a building system that not only meets, but exceeds, the highest sustainability standards, California energy codes and the health and comfort needs of occupants. It’s not just how we build that makes the difference; it’s how we build a better building, a building that will provide a better, more rewarding learning environment for generations of students.


  • Design and Engineering

    Our experienced team will work with you to customize Gen7’s high-performance, flexible design to integrate seamlessly with an existing campus or the architectural vision for a new school. Pre-Check (PC) approval from the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and piggyback contracts streamline the procurement process, cutting months of construction time, while significantly reducing project costs.

  • Construction

    Construction takes place within AMS’ climate-controlled 300,000-square-foot factory, maintaining the integrity of our high-quality building materials and preventing contamination and waste at the project site. Gen7’s parallel construction scheduling and integrated concrete slab flooring system enables fast delivery, while ensuring structural longevity.


  • Delivery

    Because our structures are delivered 90% complete, jobsite disruption and environmental impact are minimized and construction time can be cut up to 60%.Our unique, proprietary transportation process ensures rapid, on-time delivery and prompt removal of debris when the job is done.

  • Installation

    The Gen7 modules are craned into place and installed the same day by our experienced technicians. Installation can be conveniently scheduled during the school’s summer or winter break.


  • Finish

    Final touches are completed onsite, including installation of joint-concealing panels and utility connections. The building’s high-performance systems are verified to ensure functionality and optimal energy efficiency over time.

  • Training

    Gen7 comes with comprehensive teacher and staff training. An Operation and Maintenance manual and User’s Guide are left behind to help school staff and teachers effectively manage their new classrooms and maximize ongoing energy and cost savings.

  • Monitoring

    Our proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) allows schools to monitor, control and optimize the energy performance of each classroom. While an Energy Education Dashboard educates occupants on sustainable initiatives to create awareness and promote environmental stewardship.