The AMS Advantage

School Modular Buildings – Quality without Compromise

Gen7 can be designed, built, installed and open to occupants in just 90 days—a tremendous advantage for schools with critical needs and tight timelines. Built in AMS’ state-of-the-art factory, Gen7 is delivered 90% complete to the job site, combining the speed and economy of modular manufacturing with the custom look and longevity of conventional construction.

With two separate manufacturing facilities, situated on nearly 40 acres, AMS has the largest factory in the west, providing more than 300,000-square-feet of enclosed space to serve clients year-round. Our best practices approach delivers the greatest environmental and social benefits through source control, significantly reducing the total waste generated through efficient ordering, material reuse and precision construction methods. Leftover materials—which are minimal—are recycled at the factory. Weather, a common problem with conventional construction, does not impact modular manufacturing. There are no costly weather delays, and materials are stored inside our warehouses, preventing mold, mildew and other contamination that can occur at the job site.

Higher quality buildings at a lower cost with a faster turnaround—all without compromising style or sustainability. That’s the AMS advantage. When it’s time to build, it’s your advantage, too.

From Design to Done in 90 Days, School Modular Buildings

school modular buildings
  • Time Saving | 6X FASTER

    Gen7 is the industry’s fastest-to-delivery sustainable solution for new classrooms. While a traditional build can take a year or more, Gen7 is pre-engineered, allowing delivery in just three months. Our parallel process saves time, scheduling off-site fabrication simultaneously with foundation and site work. And precision manufacturing has quality control built-in, consistently meeting our high standards on time and on budget.

  • Cost Savings | 30% LESS

    Streamlined procurement and accelerated production reduce our labor costs, allowing us to offer higher quality at a lower price. We reduce material costs by bulk purchasing in large quantities and negotiating special pricing throughout the supply chain. Daylighting and high efficiency systems enable us to offset energy costs at the factory, lowering our overhead. Our savings become your savings, flowing straight to the bottom line.