Brentwood School

Gen7 Makes Renewable Energy a Reality for L.A.’s Brentwood School

  • Project: LA’s First Zero Net Energy Classrooms
  • Type: Independent K-12
  • Scope: Classroom Wing
  • Design: Zero Net Energy
  • Completion Date: January 2012
  • Green Rating: LEED® Gold

Project Background

The Brentwood School Gen7 classrooms are LEED Gold certified, combining the latest technology with renewable energy to conserve power and lower the school’s environmental footprint. Rooftop solar panels generate enough energy every year to cover each classroom’s electricity usage, making Gen7 a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) structure—an efficiency that will not only pay back in annual energy savings, but will help recoup the building’s cost over its 50-year lifecycle.

  • 1st Zero Net Energy classrooms in Los Angeles
  • 70% in energy savings
  • 100% of electricity needs met by solar power
    Project Background

One of L.A.’s most progressive schools, Brentwood School is committed to making sustainability a way of life for students. The Gen7 classrooms were factory-built and installed on the school’s East campus in only a month’s turnaround time, giving students a new wing of ultra-green learning space. Superior in both energy efficiency and cost containment, the new Gen7s are engineered to reduce energy consumption by 70%.rgy consumption by 70%.


BWS wanted its new classrooms to be both an ideal learning—and teaching—environment, expanding the school’s commitment to sustainable practices, while providing a healthy, comfortable place to prepare the next generation of leaders for the challenges of the future.


To provide the most eco-conscious, energy-efficient classroom available, teaching students to value sustainable principles, products and materials, while allowing them to experience firsthand the benefits of environmental stewardship.


Clean, renewable energy combined with high performance features significantly reduces Gen7’s need for electricity. An ultra-tight, high R-value building envelope, a smart lighting system with the latest LED technology, occupancy sensors, natural ventilation and large low-E view windows and skylights are all integral to the highly sustainable design.The Gen7s were delivered during the school day, providing a unique educational opportunity for students, who were excited to watch and learn as their new classrooms were installed.