Gen7 Childcare Teaches Children to Grow Up Green

  • Project: New School Construction and Expansion
  • Type: Childcare
  • Scope: Complete Childcare Center
  • Completion Date: August 2013

Project Background

CampbellCare is a high-quality, year-round childcare program located on the Rolling Hills Middle School campus in San Jose. When the popular program outgrew its space, American Modular Systems was retained to design and build a new childcare facility, providing a safe, sustainable learning and play environment for the center’s daycare and afterschool programs. In collaboration with the District, AMS re-sited the new Gen7 building in front of the existing middle school to attract more students to the program, while inspiring the community with the District’s forward-thinking approach to sustainability and education. The innovative modular design was custom-configured to include a large daycare classroom, teacher’s office, full kitchen, child-friendly restrooms and storage closets, as well as two standard classrooms, all featuring sustainable technology, responsible materials and low maintenance finishes.


The facility needed to be spacious and flexible to meet both educational and recreational needs, while accommodating the program’s student “Clubs,” devoted to ever-changing interests, such as science, cooking, music, art, martial arts, photography, dance and sports. The building also needed to be progressive in design and constructed responsibly, with both the environment and student health in mind.


To create a practical, pleasant and progressive standalone modular childcare facility that offers a safe, sustainable and fun place to learn and play, flexible enough to meet a range of children’s needs now, while providing room to grow and evolve as school and community needs change over time.


The top priority was to provide a healthy, age-appropriate environment that fosters child development in a safe, enjoyable setting. Flooring, walls and surfaces are durable and easy to clean, with extra storage and colorful interior enhancing the kid-friendly feel. To meet the District’s sustainability goals, high performance features include energy-efficient systems,extensive daylighting and natural ventilation for superior indoor air quality. An open, flexible floor plan, high ceilings and large, low-E view windows visually expand and brighten the space, offering ample room for gameplaying, table activities and study/play stations. Premium acoustics ensure that the center is occupant-friendly on the inside and neighbor-friendly from the outside.