De Anza Elementary School

Solving Overcrowding

  • Project: Modernization and Expansion
  • Type: K-6
  • Completion Date: August 2014

Project Background

The patchwork of outdated portable classrooms at De Anza Elementary created on-campus congestion without solving the school’s primary problem—overcrowding. To capitalize on funding opportunities, Baldwin Park USD tasked American Modular Systems (AMS) with providing a permanent modular solution that would improve school infrastructure on an extremely tight schedule. Working closely with the project team, AMS configured a single-story high performance Gen7 building that makes the most of the school’s urban footprint, while showcasing the District’s sense of environmental responsibility—a key consideration for a District that has taken a leadership role in promoting energy-saving initiatives.

Using Gen7’s PC expedited DSA approval, allowing the new state-of-the-art facility to be designed and built in just three months, then installed onsite during summer break. Nine open-concept classrooms, a teacher workspace and restrooms span two wings, each oriented with a shed roof facing south for maximum sun exposure—a solar-ready design element that will maximize the production of future PV panels. High efficiency HVAC systems and extensive daylighting reduce electricity usage, helping the school offset rising energy costs. Natural ventilation, recycled materials and low-emission finishes assure superior indoor air quality and comfort, creating a safe, healthy environment optimized for learning.