Phoenix High School

East Side Union High School District / San Jose, CA

  • Project: Modernization and Expansion
  • Type: 11-12
  • Completion Date: July 2017

Project Background

Phoenix High School is a small alternative education school serving 11th and 12th grade students in the Silicon Valley. As part of its bond construction program, East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) partnered with American Modular Systems (AMS) and Artik Art & Architecture to transform the existing mini-campus into an innovative high school that engages students through hands-on learning. The heart of the modernization plan is a state-of-the-art science building that is airy, bright and energy-efficient, transitioning to a large landscaped courtyard that serves as a central gathering and outdoor learning space. To make the most of every square foot, the 48×40 Gen7 permanent modular building features combination lecture labs—an open configuration that gives teachers ample space to deliver content to students in the center of the room while allowing students to conduct science experiments at adjacent utilities-equipped workstations. Student and faculty restrooms are sited at the end of the building.

The District wanted the new science building to be a high performance, high quality facility that would give Phoenix its own identity and provide a baseline for future modernization projects. Designed for 21st century learning, the Gen7 building is modern and multifunctional, prioritizing occupant health, safety and comfort while meeting the specialized needs of the school’s science program. High-efficiency HVAC and natural ventilation systems continuously circulate fresh, filtered air, eliminating fumes and airborne irritants to ensure superior IAQ. Large low-E windows, glass doors and skylights provide natural lighting and a connection to the outdoors. Island workstations are outfitted for group work, with lab sinks, gas turrets and built-in storage. Upgraded epoxy countertops, polished concrete floors and wipe-clean cabinetry are chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean, chosen for durability and low-maintenance style. Floor-to-ceiling markerboard walls facilitate data collection; a fume hood and automatic sprinklers ensure safety and code compliance.