Professional Learning Center

A Sustainable Showcase for Professional Development

  • Project: New School Construction and Expansion
  • Type: New School Construction and Expansion
  • Scope: Complete Professional Learning Center
  • Completion Date: August 2013

Project Background

The Campbell Union School District is committed to providing ongoing professional development for its faculty and staff. Monroe Middle School had designated a room for this purpose, but increased enrollment districtwide created a need for a larger, higher tech space capable of serving multiple functions in a more private setting. American Modular Systems met this need with a freestanding Gen7 building that showcases CUSD’s progressive attitude in a sleek, sustainable facility that commands District and civic pride. A sophisticated open concept design offers maximum flexibility, with built-in storage and multimedia capabilities geared to group presentations and interactive instruction. High performance systems, auto-dimming lighting, premium acoustics and optimized climate control keep the space bright, quiet and comfortable for occupants, while offering hands-on exposure to energy-efficient features and technology


The building needed to be a multifunctional resource, playing a vital role in the professional advancement and personal growth of educators, while contributing to the District’s achievement and sustainability goals. Because the building will be used for all professional development days, as well as rented out to other adult groups, it needed to be an efficient, fully-functional, self-contained meeting, learning and activity space that could accommodate both small and large groups.


To reflect and advance the District’s commitment to progressive education and environmental responsibility in a modern, multifunctional, comfortable and technologically-advanced facility capable of offering professional development opportunities to educators, administrators and community members.


A large open floor plan with folding partition walls provides modular flex-space that accommodates the needs of the District, as well as the needs of varied size groups renting the space for a myriad of purposes. Custom cabinetry provides attractive storage for materials and media equipment, lending a high-end feel to a design that includes high-tech features throughout. Occupancy sensors ensure year-round comfort, automatically adjusting air flow and temperature based on the number of people in the room. Large whiteboards and an integrated A/V system facilitate multimedia presentations. WiFi is available throughout the building giving occupants easy Internet access.