Rolling Hills Middle School

  • Project: Modernization and Expansion
  • Type: 5-8
  • Completion Date: August 2018

Project Background

The closing of another District school increased the enrollment at Rolling Hills Middle School, creating an immediate need for new classrooms. To meet the challenge of designing and building a new facility in just a year, the Campbell Union School District (CUSD) opted for modular construction, partnering with American Modular Systems (AMS) to fast-track a new Gen7 Two-Story classroom building for the school’s 8th-grade students. Nine spacious, open-concept classrooms are housed in adjoining 56’x36’ and 112’x36’ wings that add 12,096 SF of space, including an administrative office area on the building’s first floor. Constructed from high quality, eco-friendly materials, the modern building is both healthy and energy-efficient, with large view windows and glass doors maximizing daylighting and high-performance HVAC systems continuously circulating fresh, filtered air throughout two levels of adaptable space.

Working within AMS’ DSA PC, the project team was able to streamline design approval to shorten construction time while customizing the design to feature architectural upgrades. The Gen7 Exterior Corridor design optimizes student flow, with covered pedestrian walkways offering convenient access to classrooms, each opening to a central courtyard with seating walls for outdoor learning and socializing. To create a sleeker façade, the bump-out elevator tower was moved from the front of the building to stand in-line with the rear exterior wall. Slanted stair overhangs echo the roofline, playing off architectural details along the front elevation to reinforce the building’s dynamic feel. Energy-efficient now, RHMS’ new Gen7 is built for energy independence in the future, with a solar-ready design pre-engineered to support PV panels—a feature CUSD plans to add at a later date to achieve Zero Net Energy.